Carving Identities in the Web &

What We Do

Digitus Computing has carved a niche in the mobile and web development arena, defining identities for its clients worldwide, both in the mobile and the web world.

Mobile Apps Installing your world in six Inches, and more, Digitally!

Mobile Apps

From smart phones to tablets to the next handy gadget, Digitus presents intuitive mobile apps for iOS and Android for almost every category. Here’s what sets us apart

  • We leverage hardware accelerators, integrations, and new device attributes to fashion competent apps.
  • We encourage consistent fine-tuning before the development curve.
  • We possess the expertise to ensure seamless connections to each unique API.
  • We ensure that your apps get to market fast, with immense freedom and flexibility.
  • We can integrate your enterprise systems right to your mobile efficiently.
  • We deliver push notifications, storage, mobile security, and mobile payments right on the money!
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Web Weaving the Web of extraordinary excellence, Digitally!


Digitus develops web applications that stand out and even exceed client expectations. The proactive approach for web development ensures we are different from most:

  • We rely on our team of exceptional software engineers and their expertise and experience.
  • We deliver customer-focused web portals that boast of impeccable functionalities.
  • We customize web applications as your niche demands, and what you do.
  • We develop handy CMS web applications and complex e-commerce sites that are yet easy-to-use.
  • Our custom B2B & B2C portals and Information Systems are robust and secure.
  • We ensure unmatched maintenance services that enhance application performance!
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Design Minimalist design with maximum impression, Digitally!


Digitus provides an astute user experience that works on the magic of minimalism. Doing away with clutter, we ensure a subtle, intuitive, and appealing interface for mobile and the web. Here’s how we design:

  • We strike the perfect balance and harmony with audacious design choices.
  • Our UI designers are exceptionally skilled and experienced in delivering uncluttered layouts, icons, and other elements.
  • We evolve on design philosophies with the changing trends in design.
  • Our designed apps and interfaces have impressed scores of clients and audiences owing to our attention to detail and innovative approach.
  • We ensure concise designs for promoting usability, while being pleasing to the eye.
  • We also deliver concepts and designs that encourage engagement and leads for businesses!
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IOT Connecting the “Smart” with Incredible Possibilities, Digitally!


We deliver IoT development services for smart devices in a smart home and workplaces. We ensure new possibilities are explored and turned into realities. Our solutions endeavor to deliver a smarter application and control in various spheres:

  • Our top-notch developers are committed to IoT excellence for a variety of applications.
  • Boast of huge success ratio with an accurate approach for diverse applications.
  • Reliance on agile & adoptive development processes to deliver guaranteed results for different domains.
  • Aligned with a quick ramp-up and absence of contract lock-ins.
  • Upgrade or scale your IoT team of developers as required.
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Blockchains Promoting secured and anonymous transactions, Digitally!


Get rid of friction in processes, and build trust while unlocking new prospects across diverse businesses and industries with Blockchain solutions. Here’s what we can deliver:

  • Design, development, audit, and optimization of smart contracts systems based on diverse cryptocurrencies.
  • Development of smart, scalable, proficient, and personalized apps based on blockchain technology.
  • Build private blockchain applications for any industry and domain.
  • Assistance in transaction of various digital currencies.
  • Set up enterprise grade blockchain solutions through hyper ledger development tools and platforms!
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vDev We deliver in multiple IT domains for providing services for developing:


Hire dedicated virtual employees including web designers, developers, testers, analysts, search engine marketers, digital social media professionals and the like.

  • Competent Web Applications
  • Seamless Content Management Systems
  • Streamlined E-commerce stores
  • Robust Cloud Applications
  • Search engine marketing and social media marketing
  • Integrated Mobility Solutions
  • Effective Software Testing Solutions
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